Vietnamese Bluestone Antiqued - DAB01

High quality Vietnamese bluestone antiqued stone factory in Thanh Hoa. Products are manufactured by a large factory with modern machinery and technology, following strict standards from European countries.


Vietnamese Bluestone Scraped - DAB02

Vietnamese bluestone scraped stone factory with exporting standard quality, stones are exploited by wire cutting technology, selecting separated billet and carefully manufactured by workers with more than 10 years of experience in exploiting and stone production industry.


Vietnamese bluestone dark sanded - DAB03

Vietnamese bluestone quarry specializes in exploiting and manufacturing bluestone dark sand blasted with export quality by advance cutting technology. If there are any needs, please contact hotline: +84912856668 for free 24/7 consultation.


Vietnamese bluestone light sanded - DAB04

Factory has more than 12 years of experience in exploiting and manufacturing Vietnamese bluestone. Bluestone light sanded products that are processed with the latest sandblasting technology are much higher quality than traditional sandblasting methods.


Vietnamese Bluestone Flamed and Brushed – DAB05

Vietnamese bluestone flamed and brushed are carefully selected and processed for exporting. The color is uniform with little white thread on the surface. If you have certain needs, please contact the factory. Hotline: +84912856668


White marble slabs

Dong A Stone is a large white marble factory in Vietnam. Our white marble slabs products are of high quality, equal white color. Cut to any size required by the customer. Please contact me for a free consultation. Post


White marble 80x40x3

Dong A Stone Company is the most high-ranking factory in Vietnam with uniform white color. We export it to the Turkmenistan market with the size of 80x40x3cm Vietnam white marble. Please contact us by hotline: 0912.856.668 to get further detail.


Pure white marble

Dong-A Stone Company is a professional providing and exploiting manufacturer in importing and exporting Pure White Marble in the world. The pure white marble is discovered and created in stone mines: located in Quy Hop, Nghe An province: by high-tech and new line


Vietnam white marble

Dong A Stone company particularly exploits and manufactures high-quality Vietnamese White Marble. It has been exported to many nations such as India, Turkmenistan, China, Korea, .... in a large volume. Please contact us to get advice and the price


Vietnam white marble price

Dong A Stone Company sells Vietnam white marble stone at the most competitive and high-quality price in the market: by nationwide delivery and international delivery. For further information, please contact hotline: Mr. Son. 0912856668


Multicolor marble N13

Factory directly manufactures large quantities of multicolor marble from Vietnam, exporting to international markets. With a reputation of more than 12 years of experience, we are committed to the quality and progress of the work. Please contact for the best quotation of multicolor marble


Multicolor marble N11

Factory producing high-quality multicolor marble at a competitive cost. Polished marble is elegant and opulent for wall and floor paving. We work according to ordered sizes by customers' requests. Please contact us for a free consultation. Hotline: 0912856668


Multicolor marble N5

With modern machinery and equipment and more than 12 years of experience in stone mining and processing, our polished multicolor marble factory in Thanh Hoa consistently achieves exact cuts with a mirror-polished surface. For further information, please contact us.

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